Producing 38 studies compared to 15 targeted;
Malaysian Youth Index as a benchmark for the formation among Commonwealth countries
Malaysian Youth Policy Specialist Team;
Producing guidance on Malaysian Youth Asset based on study, producing risk, crime and gangsterism youth profiles;
Conducting 6 training sessions for 250 Youth and Sports Officers Gred 27 and above and trainning them in utilising the Malaysian Youth Mapping in planning youth programs;
Performing 4 courses to improve the skills of Internal Research and Youth Officers on research;
In cooperation with IYRES Think Tank (36 Think Tank members);
Secretariat of the Committee on KBS Intellectual Task Force;
Secretariat for the Intellectual Discourse on Social Entrepreneurship;

Structuring IYRES staff;
Rebranding IYRES without cost;
100% Accrual Accounting System (SAGA);
The formation and use of IYRES financial SOP and was approved by YBM;
Certified with Clean Audit 2014 from the National Audit Department; PROGRAM SUPPORTED RESEARCH ACHIEVEMENTS:
Six (6) specific resolutions on the issue of youth to the Cabinet;
NBOS in the success of Youth Intellectual HUB, Malaysian Youth Festival HBN;

Malaysian Journal of Youth Studies achieved standards of Indexed Journals under Citation Center Ministry of Education (MOE);
Executive Summary of the Malaysian Youth Index 2015 has been circulated in the Meeting of Ministers of Commonwealth Countries in Asia region 2015;
The ASEAN Community Book: Malaysian Youth Aspirations And Way Forward was distributed during the KL Declaration on the Establishment of the ASEAN Community on 22 November 2015.

Appreciation of MAMPU to IYRES as the Pioneer Agency of Gallery of Malaysian Government Mobile Applications (GAMMA) 2015.
IYRES Portal gets 5 stars (MAMPU and MDeC standards through Self Assessment System);
IYRES is the System administrator for iCARS (Change Ambassador of Single Sign On Project by MAMPU).