The purpose of this investigation is to identify and to explore the total stress score in terms of stressful environmental events, personality mediators, and intensity of emotional stress responses among young adults in Malaysia. Four thousand three hundred and thirty five respondents (4335) assigned in this study were aged between 15 to 45 years old including both male and female and each originate from all the thirteen states and three territories in Malaysia. A survey using questionnaire of transactional model by Lazarus to the respondents was via online and self- administered. Statistic descriptive and ANOVA data analysis were used to analyze the differences of total stress score on four variables, which include gender, academic level, States/Territories and age. Results of the study on ANOVA test show significant difference on total stress score in terms of stressful environmental events, and intensity of emotional stress responses only on Academic level F (4, 4330) = 3.514, p > .05, which indicate environmental events F (4, 4330) = 3.306, p > .05, emotional response F (4, 4330) = 3.517, p > .05. However, interestingly there were statistically significant difference on gender F (1, 4333) = .548, p > .05 and age (28, 4306) = 2.142, p, > .05, variables concerning environmental events, where the p value is less than .05. This suggests that the total stress scores on four variables namely: gender, academic qualification level, States/Territories and age category among young adults in Malaysia show there were statistically significant on high stress level among young adults in term of environmental events and emotional responses on academic qualification level where respondent without higher education learning are more stressed than those with higher qualification. Somehow, there is a statistically high stress level on environmental events between male and female and age category. The male respondents received higher stress level than the female respondents. In addition, the age category of 15-20 and 36-45 years old are found statistically stressed on environmental events compared to age the group of 21- 25. Therefore, it is concluded that total stress score and stressful environmental events have a significant impact on the young adults’ physical and psychological well-being in Malaysia, and carry with them potentially powerful stress-inducing properties on academic qualification level, age category and between male and female among young adults in Malaysia.

Keywords: Psychological Well-Being, Environmental Events, Personality Mediators, Emotional Stress Responses, Young Adults

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