20170511 travellog


PUTRAJAYA, 11TH MAY 2017 - Travelog Ilmu surprised its 100 over participants by presenting a topic entitled 'Apokalips Radikalisme & Ekstremisme' that was an initiative to give awareness on issues related to radicalism and terrorism activities that involved youth and to learn their characters. This event was organized by Institute for Youth Research Malaysia (IYRES) in collaboration with Department of Human Resource Management, Ministry of Youth and Sports and PUSPANITA's Bureau of Education and Family Development, Ministry of Youth and Sports Branch invited Supt. Mr. Ahmad Norhisham Ma'aruf, from Counter Terrorism Division, Bukit Aman's Special Branch to share information pertaining to this issue. IYRES also presented its result on Youth Profile in Extremisme Activities by Mrs. Mastura Mohamad, IYRES Senior Researcher.


Written by:
Siti Nur Hidayah Ismail

Edited by:
Wan Nor Iza Mohd Nor