The Utilisation of Malaysian Youth Mapping Application

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PUTRAJAYA, 7th March 2017 – Institute for Youth Research Malaysia (IYRES) had organized a workshop called ‘The Utilisation of Malaysian Youth Mapping Application’ at the Ministry of Youth and Sports gallery.

The objective of the workshop was to give a comprehensive explanation on the functions of the application and its usage in an effective manner among the parties involved in the development of youth.

The workshop included several mediums that can benefit and be utilised by users which are the Malaysian Youth Index (IBM) and the Malaysian Youth Mapping application to get a better understanding of the youth in Malaysia in areas of social development, health, education and politics.

39 participants had joined this one-day workshop consisting from various departments, divisions and agencies under the ministry. The workshop has been officiated by Ms. Azura Abidin, Manager for Division of Planning and Research, IYRES.

Siti Nur Hidayah Ismail

Wan Nor Iza Mohd Nor